Conference Date: 14th-15th October, 2022.   Venue: Green Minds Hotels, Utako District, Abuja 


The year 2023 will be another hallmark in Nigeria’s political history as the nation would mark her 24 years of democracy. Records of Nigeria’s transition from military to civil rule are littered with diverse experiences of youth demonstrations and wanton destruction of lives and property which calls for indebt study.

The current situation has become a threat to Nigeria’s internal security arrangement leading to diverse geo-political agitations and electoral malpractices which have posed significant challenges to democracy,development as well as the unity of the country. Observable evidence have shown that Nigeria is in need of security knowledge capable of producing a meaningful electioneering processes in order to arrive at adequate security parameters for credible election within the federation.

This Conference intends to focus on a number of contending issues of security in the country. It is a call to examine the national security architectures associated with electoral conduct nationwide.Therefore, to rescue Nigeria from the grip of diverse destructive forces of criminality and insecurity, the country is in urgent need of quantitative and qualitative manpower, and funds which are needed at both short and long term basis as well as effective and meaningful national policies in order to arrive at useful decisions that would assist in a free and fair election exercises in the country.

This conference has acknowledged the fact that every national government worldwide should invest huge resources to ensure that adequate security operations are enforced within their territory. In recent years Nigeria has witnessed several security threats such as terrorist attack in north-east, banditry and assassinations in north-west, militancy and kidnappings/ransoms taking in south-south, IPOB and referendum, restructuring agitation in south-east, ENDSARS protest and bombing in the south-west, farmers-herdsmen saga in middle belt, worldwide coronavirus pandemic and other form of criminalities that have almost destabilized national development goals and security in the country. The conference will therefore assist as a coordinated effort by Criminologists and Security Experts, to showcase the meaningful application of security strategies for conducting credible elections as it is believe should promote holistic national security as well as create an enabling environment for investors nationwide.

A close look at current insecurity situation in the country reveals that meaningful security apparatus have not been effectively highlighted and implemented which should assist to bring about a free and fair conduct of 2023 general election in Nigeria. Observable evidence shows that more funds are needed for training and retraining as well as organization of more conferences and workshops at regional, national and international levels for meaningful application of research findings and useful polices that could assist in the significant reduction and control of contemporary insecurity challenges in the country.

This Conference therefore intents to identify a number of challenges with reference to security apparatus and management enterprise in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the study will address strategic security proposals;formulate meaningful security policies; and also suggest the basic skills; as well as recommend necessary scientific techniques which would be needed during the forthcoming elections in the country. Nigeria as a nation is desperately in need of security knowledge within her environment and that of her neighboring nations, strategic security network and operation in Nigeria is very necessary because the nation must have an effective and meaningful track record of her internal and external threats.

The 5th National Conference of National Association of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria (NACSP) will therefore provide a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from government, security industries, criminologists and security practitioners, academia, multilateral agencies, international organizations, students, youths and civil society groups to share and broaden their knowledge and experiences on security matters and will further state its implications and management in order to achieve meaningful  policies that could assist to safeguard lives and property in contemporary society during and after 2023 elections in the country. It is believed that meaningful initiatives and pertinent solutions could be developed through collaborative dialogue and presentations during the Conference.



  1. The Role of Conventional Security Agencies.
  2. The Role of National Orientation Agency.
  3. The Role of Civil Society groups
  4. The Role of Youths and Students
  5. The Role of Social Media.
  6. Vote Buying and Vote Selling: The Social Analysis in Nigeria.
  7. Nigeria and Electronic Voting: The Paradigm Shift.
  8. Electoral challenges and Democratization in Nigeria.
  9. Political Crisis, Social Conflict and Economic Development of Nigeria.
  10. Geopolitics and National Security: Emerging Challenges, Prospects and Policy Implementation.
  11. Approaches to Strategic Security and Participatory Democracy in Nigeria.
  12. Judiciary and the fight against Corruptions in Nigeria.
  13. Ethnic Militias and Their Quest for Centre Politics in Nigeria.
  14. Crimes of the Underworld: The Ethical Appraisals.
  15. Intelligence Driven Policing of Bandits in Nigeria.
  16. Managing Coronavirus Pandemic: Emerging Challenges during 2023 Elections.
  17. Criminal Justices System; Reforms and Practices in Nigeria.
  18. Crime, Victims policy in Nigeria.
  19. Good Governance and Anti-Corruption war in Nigeria.
  20. Oil and Security in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
  21. Role of NGO’s and Private Security in crime prevention and control in Nigeria.
  22. Nigeria Penal Policy and Probation/Parole.
  23. Effective Management and utilization of Looted Funds in Nigeria.
  24. Border Security and Trans- Border Crimes.
  25. Illegal Refineries and the Environmental Pollution in Nigeria.
  26. Organized Crime Studies in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions.
  27. Cyber Security Problems in Nigeria.
  28. Artificial Intelligence embedded Security Development in Nigeria.
  29. Security and Internet of Thinks (IOT) in Nigeria.

Edited by:
Professor E. M. IGBO(Criminologist),
Editor in Chief, JOCASPON
Department of Sociology,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Enugu State, Nigeria.
Founding Member, Nigeria Society for Criminology (NSC)
NACSP Patron.

PROF. DON JOHN OMALE(Criminologist),
Head of Department
Department of Sociology
Federal University, Wukari
Taraba State, Nigeria.
Member, Nigeria Society for Criminology (NSC)
NACSP Patron.


Professor (Very Rev. Fr.) John D. Inyang (Criminologist), Member, JOCASPON Editorial Board
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
University of Uyo
Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria.
Member, Nigeria Society for Criminology (NSC)
NACSP Patron.

 Call for Papers:

Authors are invited to submit their full papers in English on original work for publication and presentation at the NACSP 5thNational Conference.

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by highly qualified panel of reviewers. The authors are requested to submit full paper of their original (Type setting: with 14 font size, double spacing and not more than 15 pages) and unpublished work not later than Friday, October 7, 2022.

Instructions to Authors:

  1. Authors are invited to submit their full papers in English on original work intended for presentation at the Conference. Paper acceptance will be based on full paper submission.
  2. Papers must have relevance to one or more of the sub-themes listed
  3. Papers submitted must include the authors’ names and affiliations. However, full details of authors (names, addresses and e-mails) must be included in the final camera-ready copy
  4. All papers must be submitted electronically (online) as an attached Microsoft Word document (MS word.doc). Full papers should be mailed directly to: info@nacsp.org.ng or nacsswatchdogs@yahoo.com , with the title of the paper as the subject.
  5. Selected papers may be considered for publication in International Journals, including the Journal of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria(JOCASPON) and its will be published by National Association of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria.
  1. Best paper/ author and presenter would be awarded with prize at the conference.
  2. Author whose paper is accepted for presentation and publication will register with the sum of (N20,000.00) via the Associations’ bank account below:
    Ecobank Plc.
    Account Name:   National Association of Criminology and Security Studies.
    Account no:   030 302 4344

After payment scan and send your teller and designed graphics to:  info@nacsp.org.ng or nacsswatchdogs@yahoo.com

Conference Highlights:

  • Official Opening and Keynotes.
  • Launching of Journal of Criminologists Maiden Edition (Volume IV).
  • Launching of Scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of Criminology and Security Studies.
  • Plenary Sessions.
  • Seminars/ Workshop and Presentation of Papers by all Participating Institutions.
  • Research Consortium.
  • Site view.
  • Induction of New Members.
  • Grand finale of Late Prof. Femi Odekunle National Quiz Competition.
  • ( 4th Edition) for all Participating Institutions.
  • Security Entrepreneurship Platform.
  • Exhibition and Products Launch.
  • Anniversary, Dinner & Award Night of Who’s who in Criminology in Nigeria and Crowning of Mr. & Miss. Criminology 2022 (2nd Edition).
  • Annual General Congress.

Benefits of Attending the 5th National Conference of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria will offer in-depth intelligence gathering and management on:

National Security and Human Security, Corporate Governance, Leadership and Professionalism, Career Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Planning and Management, People Management for Operational Success, etc.

For Further Enquiry on Registration, Sponsorship, Advertisement, Contact:

Intelligence Headquarters
Suite 26 Essence Plaza
No. 20 Lusaka Street.
Wuse Zone 6,
Abuja –FCT.

08034505234, 07030166316, 08032007869, 08035877046, 08097044890, 08060224876

Website: www.nacsp.org.ng or www.nacss.org.ng email:info@nacsp.org.ng or nacsswatchdogs@yahoo.com, facebook: nacspwatchdogs,Telegram: t.me/+LgymtX-qiZiZDQ8, Twitter Handle: Nacsphqtrs..

Williams Ekposon(Mncs, Mnacsp)
National President.

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