Professor (Mrs.) Olufunmilayo Olorunntimehin

Professor (Mrs.) Olufunmilayo Olorunntimehin

First female Professor of Criminology in Nigeria.

Foundation member Nigerian Society of Criminology (NSC).

NACSP Appointment: Patron of National Association of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria (NACSP).

NACSP Appointment: Grand Patron of National Association of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria (NACSP).

Professor (Mrs.) Olufunmilayo Oloruntimehin was born about 73years ago in Maiduguri to Mr. & Mrs. Jacobson from Ikole-Ekiti, South West Nigeria. She attended the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife between 1963 and 1966 where she obtained her B.Sc. (Economics) and the University of Ibadan of Ibadan for her M.Sc. (Sociology) 1969.

In 1973, Professor (Mrs) Oloruntimehin joined the services of this University as Lecturer II in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and rose to the position of a professor in 1988. Before joining the University, she had served as a Research Assistance in the Nigeria Institute of Social and Economics Research (NISER), Ibadan between 1966 and 1967; as a Junior Research Fellow in School of African and Asian Studies University of Lagos between 1967 and 1968 and as a Junior Research Fellow in Behavioural Sciences Research Unit, University of Ibadan between 1969 and 1973. It is clear from all these that, Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin has always been a researcher all her life. Her area of specialization is the Sociological Field of Criminology and she has a good number of publications to her credit in this regard. These publications are published in reputable local, national and international journals.

Professor (Mrs) Oloruntimehin is a member of several professional bodies. Some of these include the Nigerian Anthropological and Sociological Association, the Nigerian Society of Criminology, the International Sociological Association and the International Society for Criminology. She has contributed invaluable services to the University. She was a member of many Departmental, Faculty and University committees. For example, she twice led her Department as head of Department (1987-1989) and as a substantive Head of Department (1991-1993); she was the Dean of the Faculty of Social sciences between 1993 and 1995.

Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin’s services outside this University at national and international levels are also enviable. Some of these include being a member, Ondo State Economic Advisory Council (1977-19979); Ondo State University Governing Council(1982-1984); Juvenile Court Panel of Oyo State (1983-1984) and as Vice President, the Committee on Deviance and Social Control of the International Sociological Association (1978-1982), to mention a few. She has served as a consultant to several national and international organizations in the course of her academic career. Example of these is National Women Commission for Research on Widowhood Practice in Nigeria and World Health Organization for Research on Women and Substance Abuse in Nigeria.

This great erudite professor has quite a number of academic and non-academic awards to her credit. She was awarded the Federal Government Scholarship to earn first degree and won a fellowship that enabled her to work at the International Centre for Comparative Criminology in Montreal, Canada in 1971. She became a fellow of the International Biographical Association, Cambridge, England in 1984 and Life Fellow of same Association in 1985.

As a result of her outstanding academic contributions and her concern for humanity, Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin’s name has appeared in many biographical publications. Some of these include Who is Who in African; World’s Men and Women of Distinctions; International Who is Who among Intellectuals; American International Book of Honor and Five Hundred Leaders of Influence.

Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin is happily married and blessed with enviable children. At an interpersonal level, Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin simplicity, honesty, humane, and humble character will strike anyone who comes her way. Besides, and in spite of her academic and life achievements, she is a devoted and faithful wife, a caring mother and a devout Christian.

Professor (Mrs.) Oloruntimehin retired from the University at the end of September 2006. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Faculty of Social Sciences and indeed, the University administration appreciate your services and wish you long life with abundant health.

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