Dear Applicant,

Steps for induction into NACSP MEMBERSHIP

  1. Prospective members are advised to make payment of his or her statutory registration fees into the Association’s bank account.
  2. Scan, screen shot or snap teller\Receipt and send via or
  3. In case of electronic/mobile transfer, you are to generate the e-receipt and send via the above stated email.
  4. Interested applicants for membership class C, D and E are advised to tender their application letter with relevant documents to: or board will acknowledge and respond accordingly)
  5. Amembership form will be uploaded through the email you sent your teller/ receipt or administration application software.
  6. You will have to fill and complete the form, attach your resume and relevant credentialsthen submit to Association email and corresponding emails.
  7. Notification will be send to your email and phone number,keep the hard-copies in a file jack to be submitted to induction committee at the conference.
  8. Once we receive the completed softcopy of your form; an e-test will be send to your email or page/dashboard.
  9. Complete the test within 48 hours and submit, then our assessment/evaluation of the e-test will be send to your mail and phone number.
  • You will be admitted to induction class for grooming/mentorship (online /offline)
  1. About uswill be uploaded via your mail for you to study and understands our historical foundation.

iii. Ontology of NACSP (a covert document of the association) will be uploaded via your mail for you to study and imbibe our core values/ethical code of conduct.

  1. It is mandatory to all qualified inducteesto purchase the NACSP Constitutionat the cost of One Thousand-five Hundred Naira (N1,500) per copy before induction.
  2. It is mandatory to all qualified inductees to purchase the NACSP Handbook at the cost of One Thousand-five Hundred Naira (N1,500) per copy before induction.

Vi.TheNASACSS Constitution (softcopy) shall be send via your email for careful studies and strict compliance (for Class A membership).

  • Read and summarize any one of the recommended texts listed in the Ontology of NACSP, send your SUMMARY via the Association email.
  1. Try to watch the recommended movies/films and give narrative via our email.

iii. Study and run undercover of the criminal gang within your environment and report their modus operandi via our mail.

  1. You are mandated to write a seminar paper on any topical Security issue in the country and present it at your command, then submit softcopy online via our email and submit the hardcopy at the conference.
  2. You are mandated to enroll and practice Marshal Art.

Vi. It is mandatory to every prospective inductee to watch and narrate mafia movies.

Thank you for your prompt cooperation.

National President

Website: Email:nacsswatchdogs@yahoo.comor



  1. Okolo Edward Chukwudubem

    Am eager to be a member how can I do the registration payment and which bank details?

  2. Moses Abiola Oluwasegun

    What’s the account details to pay, and how much is the membership form sir.

  3. Ishak Ibn Hussaini

    Good day to you all, my family. I’m very happy to be one of the criminology and security studies graduate from Bayero University, kano. I’m eager to become a full member from this prestigious organization.
    Thanks once again!

  4. I want to join your association

  5. How much is the registration fee

  6. This is a very good Association for those of us into security Business.

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