Motto, Slogan, Vision and Mission

Motto: Unlocking Crime…Networking Intelligence

Slogan: NACSP Unlocking Crime … Intelligent Borne All the way


NACSP shall promote a better and greater Nigeria through good governance and developmental research, advocacy and security entrepreneurship with dexterity cum intelligence policing technology. It will also create a platform for international professionalism associated with the intriguing knowledge based society to exhibit their intellectual products via manpower and artificial intelligence to provide security services to government, industries, the private sector and the general public.


NACSP aims at contributing her inexhaustible mental prowess and professional manpower to promote good governance, development and strategies for a secured Nigeria through empirical research and studies via provision of whitepaper to the Nigerian government/

security agencies on threatening security issues, development of Intelligence security technology (Crimo-Techno), re–orientation of Nigerians and promotion of security professions via innovations, conferences, seminars, workshops and other related activities

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