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3rd National Conference

3rd National Conference

3rd National Conference | Date: 25th-26th October, 2019 | Venue: Green Minds Hotels, Utako District, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria.


Criminology and Security Studies have gained prominence as relevant areas of study in most universities in Nigeria. However, sweeping generalizations on the nature and extent of crime and security challenges in the country are unjustified because of inadequacy of data on the subject, although they have received wide and extensive attention from Criminologists, Security practitioners, Social science Scholars and the government all in an attempt to find lasting solutions to them.

There is urgent need for empirical studies in tertiary and Security institutions nationwide on the causal nature and the relationship between Crime and Security challenges in the country. Crime is a term that refers to many types of misconduct forbidden by law. Crime is also usually known to undermine the social fabric of the society by its ability to erode the sense of Safety and Security.

Crime could impact on society in diverse ways depending on the nature and extent of crime committed by members of the society. The impact of crime and security challenges could be measured in term of costs and consequences. The cost of crime could be incurred in various ways which include when people anticipate its occurrences either as victims or potential victims. In such situations, much time and resources are usually expended in order to minimize, prevent, detect, control the risks perceived by such victims, who may be either an individual, organization, community or the entire society. Hence security of life and property of every human being in the society is a necessity and sole responsibility of the government by virtue of Nigeria constitution and its absence threatens the survival and corporate existence of everyone in the society. This is why every government worldwide invests huge resources to ensure that lives and property are secured. Recent Security threats such as frequent bombings, kidnappings, Herdsmen-farmers clashes, political crime, oil theft and other related organized criminal activities have shown the magnitude and extent of crime and security challenges facing the Nigeria. The conference would be a mile stone and a huge effort by Criminologists, security Departments and the Association to showcase the challenges, prospects and policy statements of this noble profession.

The 3rd National Conference of National Association of Criminologists and Security Practitioners of Nigeria (NACSP) will provide a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from government, Security industry, Criminologists and Security Practitioners, academia, multilateral agencies, international organizations, Students, youth groups and civil society to share knowledge and experiences towards leveraging Criminology and security studies to achieve more policy making and inclusive societies. Actionable initiatives and solutions will be developed through collaborative dialogue, keynotes, presentations, demonstrations and panels during the Conference.


  1. Approaches to the Study of Criminology and Security Studies Profession.
  2. Teaching Criminology and Security Studies ;Emerging Challenges, Prospects and Policy.
  3. Theorizing Criminality.
  4. Forensic Criminology and Security Studies.
  5. Cybercrimes.
  6. Police and Intelligence Driven Policing.
  7. Criminal Justices System; Reforms and Practices.
  8. Child Abuse and Baby Factory.
  9. Victomology.
  10. Research Methods in Criminology and Security Studies.
  11. Good Governance and Anti-Corruption war.
  12. Oil and Security in Niger Delta.
  13. Role of NGO’s and Private Security in crime prevention.
  14. Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Offenders.
  15. Nigeria Penal Policy and Probation/Parole.
  16. Effective Management of Looted Funds.
  17. Border Security and Trans- Border Crimes.
  18. Illegal Refineries and the Environment.
  19. Organized Crime.
  20. Population, Development and Crime.
  21. Electoral Deviance and Democratization.
  22. Judiciary and the fight against Corruptions.
  23. Traditional and Modern /Post Modern crime management System.
  24. Closed Circuit Television surveillance Television System (CCTV).

Conference Highlights

  •  Official Opening and Keynotes
  • Launching of Journal of Criminologists
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Seminars/ Workshop and Presentation of Papers by all Participating Institutions.
  • Research Consortium
  • Site view
  • Induction of New Members
  • Quiz Competition for all Participating Institutions
  • Security Entrepreneurship Platform
  • Exhibition and Products Launch
  • Anniversary, Dinner & Award Night of Who’s who in Criminology in Nigeria and Crowning of Mr. & Miss. Criminology
  • Annual General Congress

Conference Registration Fees:

  • Student N5, 000.00
  • Graduate N10, 000.00
  • Public Individual N15, 000.00
  • Affiliate N 10,000.00
  • Corporate N15, 000.00
  • Fellow N20, 000.00

The registration fee entitles you to:

  • Conference materials – Bag, Proceedings, Writing Materials, Identification Badge etc
  • Attend all Plenary and Breakout Sessions
  • Attend opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Attend Anniversary, Award and Dinner Night

Exhibition and Advertisement Rates:

  • The 3rd National Conference provides opportunities for corporate organizations to showcase their products and services during the Conference by placement of advertisement in the event brochure or exhibition.
    The price list is as follows
  • – Inside front page – N50,000.00
  • – Inside back page – N50,000.00
  • – Back Cover – N50,000.00
  • – Full page – N40,000.00
  • – Half Page – N20,000.00
  • – Quarter Page – N10,000.00
    Exhibition: N50,000.00/Exhibition Space


Forces Command, FCT- Abuja.
www.nacsp.org.ng or call 08034505234, 07030166316.
Williams Ekposon.
National President.

  • For Further Enquiry on Registration, Sponsorship, Advertisement, Contact
  • Intelligence Headquarters
  • Suite 26 Essence Plaza
  • No. 20 Lusaka Street.
  • Wuse Zone 6,
  • Abuja –FCT.
  • 08034505234, 07030166316
  • Email: info@nacsp.org.ng
  • You can also call any of the following:
  • • Michael on +234802007869
  • • Aliyu on +2348068860535
  • • Danjuma on +2348035699439
  • • Musa on +2348060228476
  • • Evens on +2348037820533
  • • Yusuf on +2348032548893
  • • Abubakar on +2348036238288
  • • Zingfa on +2347068193158
  • • Adaji on +2347061862002
  • • Asuquo on +2348037924425
  • • Ganiyu on +2348060085122
  • • Nazeefi on +2348036027885

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